Zippy gets Active – Term 2 English

Zippy gets Active – Term 2 English

Zippy is so excited about South Africa doing well at the Commonwealth Game in Australia. and he is looking forward to the Soccer World Cup which will be held in Russia in June too. This is a good reason to be more active to some music this term. Our lessons will be filled with fun music games which will develop gross motor, fine motor, listening, social and emotional skills. BEAT and RHYTHM are our main music focuses this term as we move and play on the beat with a
variety of instruments. We are also exploring Kodaly’s hand signs to match the different pitches as we work on our singing voices.

The Music Concepts we are focusing on this Term:

  • Echo Singing
  • Partner Play
  • Beat
  • Rhythm
  • Note Values

What is Unique about Junior Jive?

Our Junior Jive team are Music specialists who have a passion for teaching your child. Each lesson is not only fun, it is specifically focused on using music and movement as tools to develop your child’s WHOLE brain. JUNIOR JIVE IS A CURRICULUM FOR CHILDREN OF ALL ABILITIES.

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