Zippy and His Farm Friends Term 1

Zippy and His Farm Friends Term 1

Welcome to our Junior Jive Family

Junior Jive is the best South African music and movement programme for pre-schoolers – we help prepare your child for “big school” through the wonderful medium of music. We don’t only focus on music concepts and music knowledge, we also develop their gross motor and fine motor skills, as well as other perceptual skills. The cherry on top is we do all this through play and exploration and have a LOT of fun every week! The Junior Jive programme starts for babies from 4 months old and we are now growing our curriculum to include children of up to 8 years old. It is educationally based and focuses its activities on the development of the different age groups. The Junior Jive classes are presented by fantastic teachers who are passionate about your child and about education.
We have 17 teachers across South Africa and counting! Junior Jive is presented to over 3000 children in South Africa – from Pretoria to Cape Town.

What Junior Jive group does my child belong to?

Baby Maestros are our 4 months to walkers age group.
Maestros on the Move are our Walkers to 2 years age group.
Mini Maestros are our 2 to 4 years age group.
Master Maestros are our 4 to 6 years age group.
Pro Maestros are our 6 to 8 years age group.

What have our little Maestros been up to?

We introduced our brand new original Hello and Goodbye songs this term, which include greeting in all 11 South African languages, plus Sign Language with our Master Maestros (4 – 6 year olds).

We encourage our children to get up and move to the music while developing their gross motor muscles! With our younger Maestros we use action songs to name the body parts through the songs, ‘My Little Hands’. Our Baby Maestros love wiggling their toes and blowing kisses to the music! Our Mini Maestros have had such fun during our action song ‘Stand up, sit down’ following the various instructions in the song as the music gets faster. Our older Maestros are developing their sequential memory and gross motor skills using more complex actions. Songs like ‘Put a Chicken on your head’ was a definite hit!

Junior Jive is a perceptual and music programme, where listening skills are specifically developed. Our Baby Maestros and Maestros on the Move spent a lot of time listening to different pet and farm animal sounds, identifying them, moving like them and imitating their sounds. This is essential for language development too. Our Mini Maestros and Master Maestros are encouraged to listen to different parts of the music we play, in order to hear when it changes and how it changes. This requires very careful listening on their part!

Our Baby Maestros are encouraged to use their senses in our exploratory activity. We sing and play percussion instruments around the theme while giving the babies opportunities to copy our movements and explore the instruments.

With the Maestros on the Move and Mini Maestros, we have explored PITCH this term – playing the high and low notes on the glockenspiel and using singing voices to sing high and low and also in the middle. Using Kodaly’s hand signals for these notes have also helped to learn pitch. Songs like ‘There’s a Mouse upon my Toe’ and ‘I Can Sing High, I can Sing Low’ help consolidate these concepts. Our Master Maestros and Maestros on the Groove have been exploring the
concept of TEMPO this term. We have listened to excerpts from well-known classical pieces like Vivaldi’s ‘Four Season’s Summer’ to identify its tempo,
and we have had a lot of fun moving, singing and playing percussion instruments to the ‘Presto, Largo’ song.

This term we have visited the Music Farm with Zippy and sung many songs about the different animals. Our Maestros on the Move and Mini Maestros
have had a chance to be creative while singing songs and moving like different farm animals. Master Maestros and Maestros on the Groove have had a lot of fun pretending to be cats and dogs and moving to the Classical piece, ‘The Waltzing Cats’ by Leroy Anderson.

Singing is an essential part of our curriculum, as it develops your child’s language skills, listening skills and social skills. Singing is also a lot of fun! Our Maestros really used the singing voices this term, as we explored a wide variety of songs – from the Traditional ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’ with the Baby Maestros, and ‘I’m a Brave Brave Mouse’ with the Master Maestros – to more modern songs like ‘The Animals on the Farm’ and ‘Driving my Tractor’. Playing different percussion instruments helps develop fine motor coordination and rhythm. Each percussion instrument has a different movement, which develops different muscles. This term we focused on learning to play the instruments correctly, including learning different hand positions on the Zulu drum. We played different shakers to our own Junior Jive version of ‘How Much Is That Doggie’ tune. We also emphasised the clippety clop rhythm in the ‘Horsey Horsey’ song with our claves. A different spin on the traditional ‘Three Little Pigs’ story was great fun as drumming activity.

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  • Elizabeth Reply

    I would like to find out more about how your programme works. I am a Principal of a Preschool in the Meyersdal, Alberton area and we are looking for a specialized Music Teacher.

    December 4, 2018 at 10:54 am

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