Junior Jive Newsletter
May 2021

  • Message from our Director
  • Where I can find Junior Jive – all over South Africa
  • Term 2 theme – Zippy in the Wild: What we are learning this term

Message from Jennifer Morrison - Junior Jive Director

Junior Jive Educational Music and Movement programme is 10 years old this year and we are more committed to the holistic development of your child than ever before!

When I started Junior Jive in 2011, my vision for Junior Jive was two fold:

  1. using the amazing tools of music and movement to provide holistic learning to children of all abilities throughout South Africa
  2. provide opportunities for women to be business owners in the Education field.

This vision remains as we witness how Music and Movement continues to be essential for every child – now more than ever! Our children are living in a world where it is harder to connect with others. Singing, moving and creative play is a safe way for us to express our emotions, and build up courage for the challenges we face. Singing is good for us – mentally and emotionally – and so is moving! The added educational benefits that music and movement provide – perceptual development, language development and spatial development – are even more reason why YOU are providing the best for your child by enrolling them in Junior Jive classes.

I remain dedicated to this vision as I train more women to be business owners around South Africa, so that all our children can experience the joy of learning through Music and Movement!

Where I can find Junior Jive classes around South Africa?

Monique Weyers 2 Pretoria

Monique Weyers

Pretoria and Centurion


West Rand Sharnay Elburg

Sharnay Elburg

Johannesburg West Rand


EAST RAND Didi Smith

Didi Smith

Johannesburg East Rand and South


Heleen Du Plessis

Mbombela and White River


Altie Badenhorst Cape Town

Altie Badenhorst

Cape Town (North and South)


Junior Jive Age Groups

  • Baby Maestros (4 months to walkers) Maestros on the Move (walkers to 2 years)
  • Mini Maestros (2 to 4 years)
  • Master Maestros (4 to 6 years)
  • Pro Maestros (6 to 8 years)

What we are exploring in our junior jive classes this term

This term, Zippy Zebra is visiting the veld and has many wild animal friends. We are exploring the different animals we find in our veld through sensory experiences, movement songs, creative movement, stories, singing and instrumentation to make our classes an holistic experience for all our Maestros!

With our younger Maestros, we focus on listening skills – identifying and copying various wild animal sounds, and then singing songs and moving like these animals. With our older Maestros, we start the term with a traditional story called The Lion on the Path. We then include some drumming with the story as we sing a Junior Jive song called, “I can play my Zulu drum now.”

Children learn through their senses – and that is why we focus on this on our Junior Jive classes to give a holistic learning experience. Our Baby Maestros, Maestros on the Move and Mini Maestros listen to and identify various wild animals – from the elephant trumpeting sound to the hyena laughing and even the zebra barking sounds! We will then move on to exploring different textures – just like animals feel different – a smooth silky material (like a snake) or the rough, bristle of a sponge (like a giraffes tail).

Creative Movement

Our younger Maestros will pretend to walk in the veld to look for animals, while singing “Out in the Wild.” The older Maestros pretend to be part of a Wild Animal Dance Off competition as they are exposed to different music genres – from the waltz to hip hop and rock ‘n roll!

The Master and Pro Maestros will also discover how story characters can be displayed through different music instruments, with Sergei Prokofiev’s story of Peter and the Wolf.

The Importance Of Signing

Junior Jive incorporates the music education philosophies of Zoltan Kodály and Carl Orff into our curriculum. We focus on developing the child’s inner hearing listening skills and singing voice in every lesson, as these skills are linked to social, emotional and academic skills.

We also help our children discover their different voices – from our calling voices to our singing voices!.