Welcome to our
Junior Jive
classes 2021

1 to 2 years Class

Now that our Maestros have settled into a routine, it is time for us to greet you – our Junior Jive parents and tell you what we have been up to so far this year.

Junior Jive is a wonderful South African Music and Movement Programme. But Junior Jive is more than a Music programme – We use the medium of music to focus on the skills and concepts needed to prepare your child for the big step of going to primary school.

The value of each child’s self-worth is at the core of Junior Jive. We believe every child is a star who will thrive in a teaching environment geared towards their individual needs. At Junior Jive we recognize each child’s personal value and we value the unique creativity that each child brings to us as well as the love of music that children inherently possess.

We teach Junior Jive, knowing that the ability to learn and understand lies within each child.

As teachers, our responsibility is to help children discover and express their own musical talents, while developing their school readiness skills.


  • Language and pre-reading
  • Cognitive skills
  • Numeracy
  • Social skills
  • Physical skills
  • Gross motor and Fine motor skills
  • Emotional skills

What we are learning this term

1 to 2 years Class

Our Maestros on the move children have settled down so beautifully and as soon as we arrive with our Junior Jive bag, we get some big smiles!

Our focus is on body awareness as we learn the “Zippy says clap your hands” action song. We listen to, identify and copy the sounds of a car, train, airplane and this last week, we added the motorbike too. Sitting on a shape, focusing for a whole lesson and participating are important skills to learn as we listen to stories and sing original Junior Jive songs about Zippy driving in the car. The maracatu’s and bell shakers are instruments we enjoy playing each week.

2 to 3 years CLASS

Our Mini Maestros opus 1 children are starting to explore the movements their bodies can make and we are enjoying stamping our feet and jumping during the movement songs, like “Clap your hands and sing along with me”. After listening to some transport sounds for a few weeks and identifying them, we are now focusing on moving creatively like a train, up the hill and down the hill, as we sing the Junior Jive song, “The train is leaving town today!” This is a good activity to develop inhibitory control. Bell shakers are our favorite instrument at the moment, and we enjoy shaking high above our heads and tapping low on our toes during the “Bells are my favorite” song.

3 to 4 years CLASS

We make amazing progress each week in our Mini Maestros Opus 2 class, as we move and play percussion instruments at the same time. The “Tap like me” song has been a great way to focus on more than one action at a time. We also focus on road safety with our Go and Stop song. Playing our Zulu drums is a highlight of the lesson as we play the bass and tone hand positions while listening to the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” song.

What we are learning for our Zippy on the move theme this term

4 to 5 years CLASS

The way we greet each other has changed since the onset of COVID, so we started the year exploring ways of greeting which are safe. The Master Maestros Opus 1 children enjoy showing me how to say hello in sign language! A popular song in this class is the “I’m a Cool Cool Kid” song where we focus on COVID-free habits, like sanitizing and social distancing. Our music focus this term is TEMPO and we use our whole bodies and move to the fast (Presto), slow (Largo) and walking pace (Andante) music. Adding different percussion instruments to this has made it more difficult, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed.

5 to 6 years CLASS

Greeting in different ways has also been our focus with the Master Maestros Opus 2 class and we are learning to greet in the different South African languages. I hope your child is practicing some of the greetings with you at home! Our focus in this class is crossing the midline, to make writing activities easier, and also learning to distinguish between left and right while performing more complex body percussion movements. The “Welcome Game Song” gave us an opportunity to practice these body percussion movements to the beat. TEMPO has also been the music focus for this class and we take it further by introducing accelerando and ritardando too. I am so impressed with the way the children have learnt the isiXhosa song about a train, Wahamaba Uloliwe!

The Junior Jive song about a Taxi Ride has provided opportunities to play more complex rhythm patterns on the djembe drums too

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