Junior Jive Classes


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Why Junior Jive?

  • It is the best South African Music and Movement programme, written by an experienced special needs educator and music specialist

  • Your child is taught by specialist music teachers in a fun, relaxed environment.

  • Your child is gently encouraged, through specifically structured activities, to explore, move independently, learn to be part of the group and develop confidence.

  • Your child can practice motor skills, listen carefully, master competency in feeling and expressing a beat and be comfortable with self-expression.

  • Your child learns basic music concepts, terminology and is exposed to different music genres.

  • Your child is taught to read music and play a music instrument.

News and Events

Zippy gets Active – Term 2 English

Zippy is so excited about South Africa doing well at the Commonwealth Game in Australia. and he is looking forward to the Soccer World Cup which will be held in Russia in June too. This is a good reason to be more active to some music this term. Our lessons will be filled with fun music games which will develop gross motor, fine motor, listening, social and emotional skills. BEAT and RHYTHM are our main music focuses this term [...]

Oefen en Speel met Zippy – Kwartaal 2 Afrikaans

Zippy is so opgewonde om te sien hoe goed Suid-Afrika in die Statebondspele in Australië vaar, en kan amper niewag vir die Sokker Wêreldbeker nie wat in Junie in Rusland plaasvind. Dit motiveer ons sommer om aktief te raak op die maat van musiek die kwartaal. Ons lesse gaan propvol opwindende musiekspeletjies wees wat ons grootmotoriese, fynmotoriese, luister, sosiale en emosionele vaardighede gaan ontwikkel. MAATSLAG en RITME is die termyn se hooffokus terwyl ons beweeg en speel op die [...]

Zippy and His Farm Friends Term 1

Welcome to our Junior Jive Family Junior Jive is the best South African music and movement programme for pre-schoolers – we help prepare your child for “big school” through the wonderful medium of music. We don’t only focus on music concepts and music knowledge, we also develop their gross motor and fine motor skills, as well as other perceptual skills. The cherry on top is we do all this through play and exploration and have a LOT of fun every [...]