Music is Learning

Your child’s unfair advantage

Junior Jive Music and movement classes are rich, multi-sensory experiences
that develop your child’s intelligence, reasoning skills, memory, and language skills.


What do we do at Junior Jive?

  • It is the best South African Music and Movement programme, written by an experienced special needs educator and music specialist
  • Your child is taught by specialist music teachers in a fun, relaxed environment.
  • Your child is gently encouraged, through specifically structured activities, to explore, move independently, learn to be part of the group, develop confidence, practice motor skills, listen carefully, master competency in feeling and expressing a beat and be comfortable with self-expression.
  • Your child learns basic music concepts, terminology and is exposed to different music genres.
  • Your child is taught to read music and play a music instrument.


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Music:  Simple Genius

 “Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education” – Plato

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Junior Jive is more than a family of like-minded people, changing the world with music...

If you are a woman, love teaching children, find joy in music, and have training in both fields, this may be the career for you.

All of our team members join by becoming teachers. By invitation, existing team members - with an Entrepreneurial flair - can become a licensee. Here is a business opportunity with proven growth, real-world impact, and aligned to a True Purpose.

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